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Joalis DREN

Joalis LiverDrain

  • Basic preparations for breaking up microbial/infectious lesions in organs.
  • They help to eradicate lesions also in other areas of the body (so-called key method). The result is the very effective detoxification of organs and tissues (based on their linked location in the Chinese pentagram).
  • Each dren contains an emotional component associated with an emotional characteristic of the pentagram circuit, in to which the drain organ belongs.

Check out Joalis DREN preparations with a detailed description at the e-shop at www.joalis.eu.

Joalis preparations are a food supplement. They are not medication and may not thus substitute medication prescribed by a practitioner.


Detoxification for everyone

This new educational project is intended for all fans of managed and controlled detoxification. Familiarize yourself with current trends in caring for your health.

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