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Mgr. Marie Vilankova

Mgr. Marie Vilankova

Mgr. Marie Vilankova, Joalis Company co-owner

Mgr. Marie Vilankova is an EAM set diagnostic software designer, researcher in the theory of informational medicine and a lecturer on managed and controlled detoxification of the organism. Aside from her publication, lecturing, and organizational activities, she dedicates her efforts to research in the field of informational theory as it relates to the human body.


Mgr. Marie Vilankova graduated from the Mathematics-Physic Faculty of Charles University in Prague. She specialized in the field of information technology, dedicated herself to information theory, intelligent information systems, mathematical analysis, and algebra. During her studies, she thought she would dedicate her efforts to analytical systems that reveal hidden information and relationships in bulk data stacks. Her fate, however, took a different turn. Together with Ing. Jelinek, she began a business in the field of food supplements and specialized cosmetics.

The possibility of resolving physical and psychological problems using information greatly appealed to her and she began to focus her efforts on the theoretical explanation of the effects of Joalis preparations and potential diagnostics of the human body using computerized systems. She programmed the EAM set software, which connected to the Salvia device, provides a very effective tool for diagnosing a wide range of toxins in the human body which affect the health of a person. She also wrote software, which is used for recording holographic information into Joalis preparations.

Immunology, psychoneuroimmunology, and microbiology became a hobby for her. She seeks to find new relations between pathogenic microorganisms and disorders of the human body by applying information theory to living organisms. She currently focuses her efforts on entrepreneurial and organizational activities in the field of informational preparations in the Czech Republic, publicizing activities, and is a lecturer of professional seminars in CIC methods – of managed and controlled detoxification.

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