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Ing. Vladimir Jelinek

Ing. Vladimir Jelinek

Ing. Vladimír Jelínek, co-owner and Joalis Company representative

Ing. Vladimir Jelinek is a co-author, lecturer, and enthusiastic sponsor of the managed and controlled method of detoxification of the organism. Aside from his publicizing, lecturing, and organizational activities, he has also been working for several years as a detoxifying advisor.


Fate brought Eng. Jelinek to natural medicine somewhat by detour – through the study of the clarinet and saxophone at the Conservatory of Music and the field of microelectronics at the Technical University in Prague. He specialized in the analysis of human speech using a computer, holograph, and spectral information analysis. 

In his research activities, he focused primarily on the issue of metal toxicity and radioactive compounds and their effect on chronic health problems, the problem of the genome with respect to detoxification therapy, and researched the relationships between emotions, health problems, and detoxification. Among his virtues are his working knowledge of various scientific fields (medicine, microelectronics, programming, wave theory, music theory, quantum physics, philosophy, and religion ...). He is now searching for a theoretical explanation of the essence of informational medicine and homeopathy and does not shy from non-traditional procedures in the detoxification of the human organism.

Ing. Jelinek is the author of the successful publications "The Detoxification Alphabet" and "The Detoxification of the Human Mind". He published a series of articles in recent years for the magazines Meduňka, Regena and others; he regularly contributes to the bulletin informational and holistic medicine Joalis info.

Aside from his research, he dedicates his time to publicizing and lecturing activities. As a lecturer, he hosts professional seminars on the methods of managed and controlled detoxification. He is still working as a detoxification advisor so that he can coherently combine detoxification and holonomic theory with practice.

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