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Bambi Oil

Bambi Oil


  • set of three information oils intended for baby skin care
  • intended for transfer of information into body through the skin
  • transferred information improves the working of human body

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Joalis Bambi Oil oils are cosmetic products. They are not drugs and cannot replace drugs prescribed by a physician.

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Doctor Josef Jonas on Bambi Oils

The company Joalis launches preparations with their own stories. Bambi Oils are three vials containing a combination of fine oils designed for treatment of newborn and toddler skin. However, compared to other baby oils available on the market, Joalis baby oils have something more. They can be used at any age, not only for a baby or a child but also by adults. 

These oils are designed for information transfer to organism via skin. We need to emphasize that the quality of information transfer via skin is equal to taking the preparations by mouth. This fact has been verified and proved during many years of research and practical applications. Bambi Oils combine two effects: baby skin treatment and information impact on functioning of human body. Now let me proceed with the above mentioned story.

After a baby is born and welcomed to a family, parents usually try to endow their child with something. If parents are literary creative, they tell them stories and fairy tales of their own devising. Some very talented parents can even publish such stories. The best known story is “Winnie the Pooh”, a story originated from the narrations created by father for his son.

I did not want to join the ranks of “writers of promise”, so I told myself that I should invent a special preparation for my son Andreas that would have positive effects on his health. So the preparations combined with the skin treatment came to this world. The results were surprising even to me. Now my son is 3.5 year old and has never needed any medicine, never had to see the paediatrician for any disease, or suffered from colic. He has never taken the antibiotics and his skin has always been perfectly smooth and clean. He has always slept well and we have never had to stay awake with him at night. In toy shops he has never thrown himself on the floor kicking and crying, having a tantrum. And, I am not praising Andreas, I am praising Bambi oils that were applied dialy on his skin. 

While creating the oils, I was contemplating what I could do for my child. Of course, the most important was immunity, thus disease resistance. The quality of respiratory system and intestinal tract helps this. 

Children’s skin is typically another problem. There are a lot of eczemas, sores, heat rashes, and impaired skin integrity. And they always signal a problem. 

Last but not least there is the child’s nervous system. Problems like uneasiness, sleeplessness, or autonomic nervous system disorders manifesting as colics, absence of appetite, as well as vomiting closely relate to the nervous system. If hypothalamus works well, the stability of not only autonomic nervous system but also for example adequate appetite is ensured. 

Other important factors are good tolerance to vaccination and elimination of excessive anxiety or aggression. 

These were the objectives I focused on while creating the baby skin oils.  

Eventually I concluded that everything required can be included in three types of preparations, more precisely three types of baby oils. I developed them, we manufactured them and used them. I proved in a few-year test that I really managed to reach any and all required qualities of these preparations together with expected effects. 

I cannot simplify the description of the oils into the characteristics of what information containes each oil separately. They were created in different, more complex way, where they complement and support each other in harmonious way. What I can say though is that one should start with yellow colour, then continue via orange and finish with the blue one. Nevertheless, if we start in a different order, we do not make a mistake. The ideal application is daily rotation of oils – the first day yellow colour, the second day orange colour, the third day the blue colour oil over and over again. This application procedure ensures the best results. 

Baby oils allow us to start with detoxification from the very first days after the baby is born and enable parents to enjoy their newborn more than when the baby suffers from various health problems which hurts parents often more than their baby. Take these preparations not only for demonstration of new possibilities of information detoxification but also as my present to all children.    

               Dr Josef Jonas


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