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Client´s responses

Client´s responses

Stories from MUDr. Jonáš’s advisory centre

In this section you will find stories of people who chose the method of managed and controlled detoxification to resolve their problems and shared their experiences with us. Names of the clients have been left out in order to maintain privacy.

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Client´s responses

February 06 2013

Date: 06.02.2013

Keywords: psyche, acne

I found a box on your site recently where people send in their experience with detoxification. I thought I’d send mine as well. I always thought that alternative medicine was for the elderly and people we used to laugh at and call “nature types” in university. But just to show how little I knew, my turn came around eventually.

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January 24 2013

Date: 24.01.2013

The editors of the Joalis info bulletin contacted me recently, asking for my consent to publish photographs of my nine-month-old son Martin on their brand new website, Bambi klub, which provides parents with advice mainly in the area of alternative medicine.

Download 1417013416_17214.pdf

November 20 2012

Date: 20.11.2012

Keywords: gluten, psyche, casein

I cordially greet all clients of MUDr. Jonáš, as well as all fans of his detoxification method. I consider myself an ordinary forty-year-old man with usual bad habits and diseases, a man having a realistic view of world and a totally sceptical view of detoxification medicine and related practices.

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November 07 2012

Date: 07.11.2012

Keywords: neurological problems, psyche

I would like to share with you my experiences with preparations from MUDr. Jonáš, but don’t know where to start.  Let’s start at the very beginning. I am thirty five years old and for my age I have gone through too many things. I have hree children – one from my first marriage and two from my second marriage. All of them are in good health and doing relatively well. Except for my youngest son, my Matthew.

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October 03 2012

Date: 03.10.2012

Keywords: casein, autoimmunity, joints

When I found out that there was a possibility for people who went through detoxification according to MUDr. Jonáš to publicize their stories, I decided to share my story with you...

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March 29 2012

Date: 29.03.2012

Keywords: neurological problems, casein, autoimmunity, allergy

When entering the consulting room of MUDr. Jonáš with our little daughter (7 years old), me and my husband were full of concerns and fear. This feeling has been accompanying us for several years now. We knew that there was something wrong with our little girl and that it was getting worse despite negative results of every possible test...

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January 03 2012

Date: 03.01.2012

Keywords: fatigue syndrome, hormones

I am 46. In this age people mostly feel well, some even experience the most beautiful years of their life. I wish I could agree with them, but I can’t. For many years I have been suffering from one health problem after another. And doctors are as clueless as me...

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January 02 2012

Date: 02.01.2012

Keywords: psyche, casein, acne, depression

When I consulted my health condition with MUDr. Jonáš in his advisory centre, it was clear to both of us that my case did not belong among the easy, well manageable and understandable ones. I am forty. For fifteen years, I have been suffering from depressive and anxious states due to which I am psychiatrically hospitalised twice a year...

Download 1417013813_37365.pdf

December 15 2011

Date: 15.12.2011

Keywords: allergies, stomach, thyroid gland, ligament, vessels

My seemingly disparate health problems brought me to MUDr.Jonáš’s advisory centre. I am 35 and to be honest, I really feel too young to have any health problem at all. For the past year and a half I have been suffering from stomach ache.

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December 05 2011

Date: 05.12.2011

Keywords: psyche, hormones, overeating

From time to time, an endless appetite gives a hard time to everyone whether he is a busy manager, future mother or a 20 year old student. I am 29, single with good job and no problems – except for that constant appetite.

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